Ashoka Belgium

Ashoka Belgium

Ashoka is the largest international network of social entrepreneurs whose mission is to bring to light and support entrepreneurs with innovative projects that address current social and environmental challenges. Ashoka has been in Belgium since 2008. Ashoka's vision is "Everyone is a changemaker": every citizen has the power to contribute actively to a more sustainable society.

Ashoka acts by

Rigorously selecting the best social entrepreneurs in the world who become "Ashoka Fellow" and gives them access to their network and resources.
Ashoka gives the opportunity to these entrepreneurs to focus on their business by paying them a salary and offering them support to professionalize their model.
The Ashoka Support Network brings together companies and individuals who make their skills available to help Fellows become more professional  and increase their impact.
Ashoka selects and supports schools around the world to better educate future generations to become "Changemakers".



Supports more than 3,000 social entrepreneurs
Present in more than 90 countries
10 Fellows in Belgium among the most inspiring social entrepreneurs
Supports more than 200 schools to improve the educational system, including 8 in Belgium.
56% of Fellows influenced the laws of their countries
93% of the Fellows’ projects are replicated



Bill Drayton, the founder and current president of Ashoka is a graduate of Harvard, Yale and Oxford. After a career at McKinsey & Co in the United States, he founded the Ashoka network in 1980 with the mission of selecting and supporting innovative people around the world. He coined the term "social entrepreneur" when he realized that many entrepreneurs were using entrepreneurship to solve certain social problems. Since 1980, Ashoka has developed a large network of "Ashoka Fellows" active in several sectors. Last year, Kailash Satyarthi (an Ashoka Fellow) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against child labor in India. He was selected for the Ashoka Fellowship in 1991.


Bill Drayton
Founder and CEO

Elena Arene
Director of Ashoka Belgium


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What Ashoka does not do

Ashoka supports people, that is, the social entrepreneur behind a project. Ashoka does not support organizations, programs or public initiatives.