Baillet Latour Fund

Baillet Latour Fund

The Baillet Latour Fund wants to encourage, promote and stimulate human excellence in Belgium. The Fund largely supports Belgian projects and initiatives in four main sectors of activity: Health, Education, Culture and Sport. The projects and initiatives supported all have, in their respective fields, a Belgian dimension and an international vocation.


"Excellence at the service of humanity"

The problem:

The evolution of philanthropy in our country is undoubtedly linked to certain factors: At the corporate level, the relocation of companies due to their purchase by large corporations from abroad and the effects of the crisis have greatly diminished the scale of their actions at this level, be it patronage or sponsorship. On the private side, the crisis has also had a negative effect in this area, especially since it is not beneficial enough, from a legal point of view, to make significant donations in Belgium. The InBev-Baillet Latour Fund, for its part, is not concerned by those issues as it can rely on stable and sufficient financial income to focus on its mission and the proper use of its donations.

The Baillet Latour Fund acts on:

  • Health: The Health Prize is the most important international scientific distinction awarded in Belgium. The Fund also awards the Prize for Medical Research and supports progress in oncology.
  • Education: High-level training and attention to early youth are among the Fund's favorite areas, from awarding scholarships to promising students to setting up university chairs and research centers.
  • Culture: By financing the restoration of places and works of art of significant artistic and cultural interest. The Fund also awards an Environment Prize to honor owners or managers who have made outstanding contributions to the preservation of the natural environment.
  • Sport: Supporting Olympism and Olympic associations dedicated to people with disabilities.

What the Baillet Latour Fund does not do:

The Fund does not acquire anything of its own.


The Baillet Latour Fund was created in the 1970s by Alfred de Baillet Latour, administrator at Brasseries Artois and without descendants. A great humanist of his state, he bequeathed the actions he held at the creation of his foundation. Human beings were always at the heart of his concerns. Or more precisely, the human being in its aspects of excellence. This dimension remains, without question, the main thread of the InBev-Baillet Latour Fund with regard to all the projects and initiatives it supports. Alfred de Baillet Latour also wanted his foundation to be mainly active on the Belgian territory, in order to stimulate the potential of our country and its influence.

The adage "mens sana in corpore sano" is one of the Fund’s values. Furthermore, Alfred de Baillet Latour's uncle - Henry de Baillet Latour - was a founding father of the Olympic Movement in Belgium before becoming President of the IOC. Count Jacques Rogge, who is also a member of the Fund Management Board, held the same position until 2013. Support for Olympism and Olympic associations dedicated to people with disabilities - whether physical or mental - as well as to the world of sport and its influence also fits perfectly with the valuation of human excellence.


In an effort to maintain objectivity and excellence, the Fund surrounds itself with partners renowned for their competence in the various areas supported.

Secretary General: Alain De Waele