Be Planet

Be Planet

The Belgian Be Planet Foundation fills a gap in the Sustainable Development sector by supporting local, innovative and positive actions for the environment and solidarity between current and future generations. These projects are led by associations and groups of citizens in Belgium on a variety of topics such as mobility, energy, food, consumption and biodiversity. In addition to the collection of funds from different donors, one of Be Planet’s originalities is to consider companies as part of the solution by associating them with citizen movements which is perfectly illustrated in the documentary "Tomorrow".


How to achieve our mission?

To carry out this mission, the Foundation identifies and selects projects that are included in their portfolio. For these projects, Be Planet commits to seek financial support or to meet their material and intangible needs. They do so by creating "win-win" partnerships between citizens’ projects promoters and committed companies.

Our vision

Be Planet is based on the determination of individuals and groups of citizens to act by proposing solutions at the local level. They support community initiatives that contribute to the improvement of the environment and the collective well-being.

Our team

Michael Ooms - Managing Director

Laurence De Callatay - Partnership manager

Katrien Desrumaux - Partnership manager

Contact - 02/880 59 48
Edinburgstraat 26,  1050 Brussel