Foundation Majany

Foundation Majany

The Majany Foundation focuses on education, the battle against poverty and exclusion, and the protection of physically challenged people and sick children or children from a less-favored background. It aims to provide sustainable and long-term support and engages only with "social impact" projects. The latter means that Majany will only support those projects that can provide proof of true and sustainable social impact.

Our Vision :

We work for the social support and protection of the weakest in society.  

Who are we ?

Founded in 2014, the Majany Foundation works for social protection and integration of the weakest in society. Majany is independent and fully funded by private donors, which means that it can act independently within its own field of action. From the beginning, Majany chose for a partnership with the King Baudouin Foundation. Thus, we can count on their support and expertise, and they vet the projects that we support. They also guarnatee that we are a transparent organisation, as each foundation supported by them must pass a yearly audit. Next to this, they also provide the fiscal certificates for the fiscal decduction we offer.