Lunt Foundation

Lunt Foundation

The Lunt Foundation aims to promote sustainable initiatives that address the major societal and environmental challenges of our time. It also supports innovative social entrepreneurs and helps them to communicate about their project and the solution they bring to these challenges.


"Be the change you want to see in the world" – Gandhi

The Lunt Foundation acts by

supporting innovative social entrepreneurs and enabling them to increase their impact by:

advising them on communication and the dissemination of their model
accompanying them in their evolution strategy
helping  them expand their network to enable them to collaborate and finance themselves better

The problem

Often, a project leader starts a business by idealism, to solve a societal problem he is facing. At some point, he will need some external advice, to build a network, to find funding. After a while, he may feel lonely and the risk of getting fed up might arise.

Communication about his project is often not a priority. But to create a solid network and find funding, he must be able to tell his story and create emotion around his project.

The Lunt Foundation thus funds initiatives that contribute to this communication; the salary of a community manager, the production of videos, a strategy study, and the development of a vision and values, for example.

The message must be inspiring and must contribute to change the collective consciousness towards more humanity.


Examples of impact:

On social entrepreneurship:

  • In 2014 and 2015, the Lunt Foundation supported the MakeSense project, a crowdsourcing platform to meet the challenges of societal entrepreneurs and thus, accelerating their impact.
  • In 4 years, MakeSense has been able to mobilize 20,000 citizens in 100 cities in 45 countries to help more than 1,100 social entrepreneurs solve their challenges, and accelerate their impact.

On the dissemination and communication of new sustainable models:

In 2015, the Lunt Foundation funded the strategic thinking and broadcasting of the video documentary "In Search of Meaning". The film currently counts more than 600 official broadcasts in movie theatres, numerous plays in associations and festivals, more than 125,000 viewers and 30,000 DVDs. Their journey is an invitation to reconsider our relationship with nature, happiness and the meaning of life.

On environmental education:

Since 2013, the Lunt Foundation has been supporting the Bec Hellouin school-farm in France, one of the most advanced pilot farms in organic farming and gardening to date. The foundation allowed the INRA study to see the light: a scientific study validating permaculture techniques.


We want to inspire and participate with other change actors to raise the collective consciousness towards more responsibility and collaboration.

History of the Foundation

The Lunt brothers realized the need for our society to move towards a more just and harmonious world.

To achieve this, many solutions already exist in the form of innovative projects. The foundation was created to support these projects so that they could prosper and contribute to the realization of a better humanity.

What the Foundation does not do

We want our support to leverage the project so that it can sustain itself. The Foundation supports projects that already have a proven track record.


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