Oksigen Lab

Oksigen Lab

Oksigen Lab offers a range of services to help social enterprises grow and maximize their societal impact.

Our vision

Stimulate social entrepreneurship and innovation as a sustainable solution to our societal challenges and maximize societal impact.

The problem

Public and subsidized initiatives will not be enough to solve our many social challenges (climate change, poverty, aging population, etc.). Social entrepreneurship (combining growth, job creation, and societal impact) must be stimulated as a complementary and sustainable response to our societal challenges. These social enterprises need a specific support ecosystem (support, financing, networking, etc.), and this is exactly what Oksigen offers them.

Our impact

Every year, we support +/- 40 social enterprises (business model / plan, fundraising, impact measurement, etc.).
2000 hours of coaching / consulting every year.
Contribution to the identification and change of scale of 300 social innovations in Europe via the European Benisi project.
Contribution to the development of a detailed survey of 1000 social enterprises in Europe, China, Russia via the European Seforis project.

Our goals

Support 200 social enterprises to get started or develop between 2014 and 2018.

Project history

Oksigen was co-founded in 2007 by several people willing to stimulate entrepreneurial and innovative approaches to solving our societal challenges. The ecosystem has grown rapidly and now includes different organizations offering a set of support services for social entrepreneurship: strategic advice, networking and co-creation, financing, research.