Let’s humanize the right to asylum in Luxembourg

by Passerell
from €15.000

Why Passerell needs your support?

Passerell receives between 8 and 10 people every day, informing them of their rights and the procedures. This assistance is also made possible thanks to its team of volunteer lawyers to ensure the quality of the information.

How can I prove the rapes that happened there?" "

"In which city are they going to transfer me and how am I going to take my insulin while living on the street?"

“My little sister is 14 years old. She is still in Kabul. How can I get her out of there?

The story of these destinies and these broken lives is evoked in the last opus published by Passerell and entitled "Réhumanisez-moi

The covid19 health crisis had a major impact on the association. The events where Passerell usually generates revenue have been canceled and pledges have been revised downwards.

This endangers the activities and initiatives that Passerell carries out throughout the year to help refugees in Luxembourg


What will your money be used for?

Passerell acts to concretely help these people: making a medical appointment to attest to the violence suffered, support in the search for evidence and their transportation, contact with consulates to unblock family reunification. Procedures that people are not necessarily able to take due to the language barrier, ignorance among their new host country, a degree of paralyzing trauma.

Passerell also offers socialization projects to get refugees out of their social isolation: parties, language workshops in summer, awareness event.

Each EURO raised by this campaign will finance these actions for the year 2020 and we hope beyond.

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What is our impact?

By supporting the defense of the rights of exiled people, you are not only defending this audience, you are defending a vision of the rule of law that respects fundamental rights. Together, we can ensure that public authorities respect all individual freedoms.

Since the creation of Passerell, 711 asylum seekers or refugees have been received permanently over three years (from November 2016 to November 2019) and oriented towards our different projects. More than 154 tandems have been created since 2016 (42 in 2019) and some 1,800 participants have come to our events since 2016 (840 in 2019). There are also 51 targeted legal searches carried out by the legal watch and action unit in 2019.


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