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How to submit a project to the platform?

The projects on Gingo have been selected by our Expert Partners according to their own selection criteria. Therefore, it is not possible to create a campaign by yourself like on most crowdfunding platforms.

The Gingo team never intervenes in project selection and won’t be able to respond to any request it might receive. Check out our Partner Conditions for more information on how to submit your project to one of our Expert Partners.


Is Gingo a platform for donations, loans or both?

Today, Gingo is a donation platform.


Does Gingo collect a percentage on donations to pay itself?

NO, Gingo does not receive any percentage on donations. The operating costs of Gingo (community manager, adaptation of the platform) are shared between our "expert" partners.


Is the online service secure?

Gingo opted for the French supplier "Mango Pay", which is considered as the reference in the crowdfunding sector. This is to ensure data security and transparency in the payment process. The only campaign costs are therefore those related to the online payment service which amount to 1.5% of the amount raised plus 0.18 € per transaction.

For payments via bank transfer, fees amount to 0.6% per transaction. This is deducted from the amount raised.


Will there be minimum and maximum limits to fundraising?

There will be no amounts imposed but a guidance on the strategy for selecting the amounts that can be raised depending on the project. We believe that these amounts could range from €5,000 to €50,000 for the most ambitious of them.


Are the donors refunded if the project does not meet its fundraising goal?

Donations are, by definition, unconditioned and therefore, cannot be refunded. The funds raised will be fully delivered to the project, even if it has not reached its objective.


Where do funds flow during the campaign?

The funds go from the donor's account to that of the funding recipient which is attributed an "E-wallet", ie a temporary electronic account in the name of the project. This E-wallet makes it possible to collect the funds during the campaign.  At the end of the campaign, the funds are automatically transferred to the current account of the project. Gingo is thus at no point neither the owner nor the intermediary of these gifts.


When a partner supports a project, does he commit to fund the remaining amount if the fundraising goal is not achieved?

This decision is made by the Foundation proposing the project. It can be interesting for the Foundation to determine with the project a limit on the complement of its contribution.

Projects should be made aware of that crowdfunding is an opportunity to double an amount to increase their impact and an occasion to expand their network. Crowdfunding must not jeopardize their existence and thus, they should not solely rely on this funding to launch initiatives. The concept of this crowdfunding technique requires that foundation insures the amount for the project to see the light and that the crowd brings a surplus to improve its activities and possibly, allow it to do more than was originally planned.


Will the platform be operational 24/24 and 7/7?

Yes, the platform will be accessible without interruption (except for occasional and limited maintenance). Any visitor will be able to access our website and consult all the pages: the partners and the campaigns (current, past and upcoming).


What does "Gingo" mean?

Gingo or "Gingko" refers to the Gingko Biloba tree, which is considered in many cultures as a symbol of prosperity, longevity and sustainability. What could better illustrate our well rooted, sustainable, strong and caring vision of society than a tree?