How does it work?

The principle

The principle is simple, expert foundations in their field choose innovative projects with positive social impacts.

These projects are then presented on the Gingo platform to make themselves known and receive support from any potential donor interested in their initiative.

The donor can follow his gift and the evolution of the project on the platform.

The donor can also build his portfolio of projects and centralize his donations.

With Gingo, everyone can become a philanthropist, starting from 1 €.


What is Matchgiving?

When a donation is made, some foundations apply a "match giving" for the project they support. In this way, the Gingo expert commits to double the donations collected.

1 € becomes 2 €.

If the donation is eligible for tax deduction, the actual cost of a donation is reduced by 45% and actually costs 0.55 € (* starting from 40 €).