How does it work?

The principle

The principle is simple: Gingo is open to all non-profit organizations or organizations active in one of the following sectors of activity - art and culture, job creation, dignity, education, social entrepreneurship, environment, equity, integration, health & sport - and seeking to raise funds for a concrete project.

Gingo operates with a network of expert partners, each of which is active in at least one of the above-mentioned sectors of activity. These expert partners choose innovative projects with a social impact that are eager to raise funds. They provide the expertise required to screen the various projects and will guarantee it.

These projects are then presented on the Gingo platform to make themselves known and receive support from any potential donor interested in their initiative.

The donor can follow his gift and the evolution of the project on the platform.

With Gingo, everyone can become a philanthropist, starting from 1 €.


What is Matchgiving?

When a donation is made, some expert partners apply "match-giving" to the project they are responsible for. In that case, the expert partner basically commits himself to doubling each euro collected.

1 € becomes 2 €.

If the donation is eligible for tax deduction, the actual cost of a donation is reduced by 45%, so that one euro donated actually costs the donor only 0.55 € (* starting from 40 €). The tax deduction advantage thus can lead to a significant multiplier effect.