Stars in children's eyes

from €18.000

Introducing science to toddlers

Understanding our environment is complex, it is therefore essential to develop critical thinking and the accessibility of science to the general public. The Planetarium, a federal scientific establishment, is intended to be the ideal place for this, allowing you to discover the magic and beauties of space, while developing intellectual curiosity and a passion for science.

With more than 50,000 visitors per year, the Planetarium is developing a policy of in-depth renovation and modernization. In particular, we will equip ourselves with new laser projectors for our projection room. At the same time, we would like to make the magic of the universe accessible to the little ones by offering them a spectacle that will delight their eyes, as well as those of their parents!

The usefulness of the Planetarium in making science accessible

Our project aims to acquire a show for toddlers that will immerse them in the magic of space and offer them the first keys to understanding our Universe. Thanks to the magic of the starry sky, they will learn, with interest, new scientific concepts while dreaming of the stars, will take a different look at what surrounds them, while assimilating information tested by our scientific experts.

The Planetarium is a federal scientific institution that educates young people and the overall public about science and astronomy. It is also a showcase for the three institutes on the Uccle plateau, namely the Royal Observatory of Belgium, the Royal Meteorological Institute and the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy. The Planetarium is a place of pedagogy which welcomes more than 25,000 students per year for astronomy and science lessons as well as more than 25,000 visitors who attend our shows projected on the entire vault of our dome of 23 meters in diameter - this which makes an image of about 840 m²! We also offer our audience a cultural offer, by hosting evenings dedicated to poetry, theatrical performances, concerts and other unique artistic activities.

We need you!

Your contributions will allow us to launch a new awareness campaign for young people and the overall public about science, astronomy and space. The Planetarium has a quality filmography but we want to develop a new theme specially dedicated to the little ones. The budget will be as follows:

The receipts generated by the shows and the participation of the schools in the courses given at the Planetarium make it possible to cover the operating costs of the building but also the salaries of the employees. However, it’s difficult for us to find additional margins for the acquisition of a spectacle.

Amazing children

Without support, the planetarium will not be able to offer the youngest audience an adapted offer. This project has an educational aim intrinsic to the missions of the Planetarium, as well as a playful aspect. Who has never been swept away in the vastness of the cosmos at the sight of a beautiful starry sky? This is where your donation will go! This film will amaze your children (as well as the older ones!), While transmitting to them scientific and astronomical concepts.

How to thank you!

To thank for the support of donors, the Planetarium offers to invite all the people who have supported us to the preview of the new show.

In addition, from € 100, we will also invite them to a session (in French or Dutch), at our “Rendez-vous au Planétarium” (organized once a month on weekends, which offers visitors the opportunity to discuss all the astronomical and space themes they want to, with the use of the ancient Zeiss projector combined with the potential of the digital simulator).

From 150 € of support, we will put in the credits, if that is their wish, the names of the donors. This show will run, at least, for 5 years, so they will have their name displayed as a token of thanks at each screening. We will also offer tickets (for all shows) that they can use or give to schools.

We would like to make a special mention for the RHEA Group and their incredible support. Thank you very much!

Our team

The Planetarium team is made up of 15 people who are motivated to transmit the taste for science to the overall public and to our children. Rodrigo is the conductor; our scientific advisers: Hans, Georges, Véronique and Gert; maintenance: Hülya and Jérémy; reception: Evelien, Ana and Sylvia, Public Relations: Anne-Lize and Denis; the arms of logistics: André, Oleg and Wim.



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