Enable Stephane and his team to cook for homeless people !

by Social Restaurant of Hollerich
Social Restaurant of Hollerich
from €30.000

Stephane and his team need a new oven !

In 2017, 200 meals per day on average were served in Hollerich. Sadly, this number increases each year. In fact, in 2015, 45 722 meals were served over the year compared to 75 686 in 2017. This represents an increase of 65% in a period of only 2 years. Furthermore, in the past two years, the visits have increased by 244%: while in 2015, 1 046 disadvantaged people had lunch at the social restaurant of Hollerich, this number rose to 3 599 people in 2017.

Stephane and his team prepare all these meals with equipment initially planned to serve a hundred of clients.

Therefore, it is extremely important to find a lasting solution in order to solve this problem !

What will your money be used for ?

The social restaurant of Hollerich is going to invest in a professional oven. This new equipment will allow Stephane and his team to be more efficient and to respond to this very high demand.

Your donations will directly be used to finance the new professional oven provided by the company Juckem and put in place by Schauss & Associés S.A.

What is our impact ?

The social restaurant of Hollerich helps two categories of people.

First of all, it allows homeless people to have a warm meal and a moment to discuss with other people. Hereunder, the testimony of a client of our restaurant:

Secondly, the social restaurant of Hollerich works on professional reintegration in Luxembourg. Indeed, some of its workers, including Stephane, were unemployed before starting working here. This is Stephane’s story:

Stephane has been working for nearly 3 years as a cook in the social restaurant of Hollerich. He studied in Alsace where he got a degree in catering. Since 1992, Stephane has been living in Luxembourg. Until 2012, he was an employee with a permanent contract. Then, everything changed. During one year and a half, he lived on unemployment benefit, and then he participated to a professional reintegration program in the army.

For Stephane, there is no difference between working at a regular restaurant and preparing meals for homeless people. What matters to him is to be able to work in his field of interest and to have a structured daily routine. In short, he is thankful that the restaurant gives him this opportunity, because it means that he doesn’t have to stay alone at home and worry about how to pay his bills.

Who are we ?

The social restaurant of Hollerich was created in 2014 in order to help underprivileged people. It is a place that welcomes all social classes. Disadvantaged people can enjoy a healthy meal at a low price. People who are part of the professional reintegration program prepare all the meals. They are supported by two full-time working educators and by a part-time working restaurateur-hotelier. The aim of this social restaurant is to create a place where underprivileged people can exchange with persons that are integrated in our society.

Our team

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