Soup for 5000 families in need

by enVie Atelier
enVie Atelier
enVie Atelier
from €26.500

Help us make 10.000 liters of soup with fresh surplus vegetables for the ones most touched by COVID-19

Having access to healthy food is for many (people in poverty, refugees, homeless,...) a permanent challenge. The actual crisis of COVID-19 has made it even more difficult for most of them to find food: social restaurants are closed, food supplies at food banks and others have decreased tremendously. Many people are left with little or no resources to feed their families. As a result the Food Banks, Social Groceries and other associations are experiencing a huge increase in demand for support but a shortage in supply. 

At the same time, Belgian farmers are experiencing huge surpluses due to the decrease in demand (restaurants, collectivities,..) . By making soup we can help both the people in need and the Belgian farmers struggling with the start of harvest season, but decreased sales and exports.

Robin Food is a project launched by 5 partners with the objective to transform food surpluses into healthy sustainable food, made accessible to vulnerable people and families.

How can we help? Robin Food: soup’porting those in need!

We want to tackle this issue now by securing funding for 10.000 Liters of soup, which will be given away to social associations. The partners of Robin Food have already financed the first 10.000 liters, let’s see if we can reach 10.000 liters more! 

Our goal is to distribute 20.000 liters of soup to social associations that are really experiencing shortages in supplies and can help fast : Red cross social groceries, Food Banks, Depot Margot, Fédérations des services sociaux,  ... 

Let’s show our solidarity by buying bottles of soup !

Why do we need you?

Today the demand is so high that 10.000 liters are not enough to support all organisations in need. With 20.000 Liters of soup we can help 5.000 families by giving them soup for 4 persons during 4 weeks, hopefully until the Corona crisis decreases. 

Justine Forthomme, Responsible for the social stores of the red cross for the Brussels region: “Today the demand for our food packages has doubled up to 250 packages /week that we need to bring to families in need, with people that we have never seen before but that are hardly hit by the crisis.”

Your impact in figures

1 Liter of soup = 4 servings. 

*2,65€ / L is the cost price for producing the soup in the ateliers of enVie, a Belgian social enterprise. None of the partners take margins for this soup, as the objective purely is to help those most in need in times of crisis!

Where does the soup go?

If we reach our goal of 10 000 liters extra, we will give: 

  • 2000 bottles to the food banks
  • 2000 bottles to the épiceries sociales de la Croix Rouge de Bruxelles
  • 1000 bottles to the Federations des services sociaux
  • 2500 bottles to Samenlevingsopbouw Depot margot 
  • 2500 bottles to Samenlevingsopbouw Riso Vlaams Brabant

Who are we?

Robin Food is a partnership between: enVie, Rikolto, Riso Vlaams-Brabant, Depot Margot (part of Rimo Limburg) and EIT Food

Our objective is to transform food surpluses into healthy sustainable food, made accessible to vulnerable people and families. In the short term we aim to distribute 20.000 liters of soup, but in the coming month we hope to develop and offer other products through social groceries and associations. 


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