Help us fight food waste and enable the professional reintegration of people forgotten by the system

by Social Restaurant of Hollerich
Social Restaurant of Hollerich
from €30.000


The donations collected, will fund the recruitment of a cook part time for a year. Thanks to this new cook, we will be able to deal more effectively with the demands of the growing number of our beneficiaries. We also aim to implement self-service vending machines.

This new cook will be an additional workforce for the work of recycling and processing still consumable food that we receive from the Auchan hypermarket and we avoid the path of the trash.

We undertake this fight for the reduction of food waste with the help of 10 associations (the Drop, Jugend Drogenhellef, Fraen Nout, Foyer St Martin or Abrigado, Streetworkers ...) who work with us to redistribute packs of food.


Within the SVDS association, we work for the professional reintegration of disadvantaged people. We integrate them into groups so that they can recreate social links again. In addition, the fight against food waste is an important part of our business. To this end, we were able to recover 128 tons of food thanks to the partnership with Auchan.

These foods are those removed from hypermarket shelves before expiry to ensure customers more fresh products. Prior to the partnership, these retired but not yet expired products were simply discarded or recycled. Recovered food is now processed and used in the kitchens of social restaurants in Bonnevoie and Esch-sur-Alzette.

Hollerich's social restaurant, which opened for the first time in 2014, offers disadvantaged people balanced meals at low prices. The idea of this social restaurant is to create a space of exchange where disadvantaged people meet people integrated in the society.


During the winter, when the homeless are the most vulnerable, the social restaurants in Hollerich and Esch allow the beneficiaries to receive a hot meal, to rest for a while in a heated area. But not only because the staff working in these restaurants follow measures of professional reintegration.

Our restaurant in Hollerich is one of the processing centers for the food we receive from the Auchan hypermarket (following our partnership). This allows us to continually offer fresh produce and limit food waste - one of the most important fights in our organization.

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