Let’s give Gallo his smile back !

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Who is Gallo?

Gallo is a little Senegalese boy of 4 years old. Due to his accident, Gallo suffers from severe facial malformations that prevent him from eating properly, communicating and living a normal life of a boy of his age.

When he came in consultation with his grandmother during the last mission of the Chaîne de l'Espoir Luxembourg in Dakar, it was not possible to operate him there. The association has therefore decided to take charge of him in Luxembourg and to have him operated by the surgeons of the Chaîne de l'Espoir Luxembourg at the Nord Hospital Center in Ettelbrück.

Picture: Consultation during the surgery and ENT training mission at the Albert Royer Hospital in Dakar

Why is Gallo taken in charge in Luxembourg?

Albert Royer Hospital, the largest pediatric hospital in Senegal, is developing its pediatric ENT service. It hasn’t yet the know-how and the necessary equipment to practice the surgery that will give back to Gallo his smile.

Picture: Nord Ettelbrück Hospital

With his disfigured face, Gallo risks social exclusion. His parents and his grandmother put the few resources they have to take care of him the best they can.

By operating Gallo in Luxembourg, our surgeons will be able to rebuild him a new mouth in order to eat and lead a normal life again.

How is the treatment of Gallo organized in Luxembourg?

Gallo will be taken care of in autumn 2018. The Chaîne de l’Espoir Luxembourg organizes his plane transfer from Dakar to Luxembourg where he will be hosted by a local host family. This family will accompany him during his medical visits and his hospitalization and will take care of his well-being during his stay in Luxembourg. Gallo will be operated by Dr. Etienne Piette, Dr. Leila Serhir and Dr. Luc Schroeder at the Nord Hospital Center in Ettelbrück.

Picture: Support of Emmanuella, 6 years old, from Democratic Republic of Congo



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The Chaîne de l'Espoir Luxembourg

The Chaîne de l’Espoir Luxembourg has set itself the goal of helping sick children who do not have access to specialized health care, including surgery, in their country of origin. Specifically, it organizes surgical missions and training in developing countries and supports children in Luxembourg who can not be treated in their country of origin.

Until now, 4 children have been operated in Luxembourg thanks to the Chaîne de l’Espoir Luxembourg, operating since 18 months, and 58 others were operated during missions abroad.


Who is supporting us?

A chain of solidarity is created to take in charge a child in Luxembourg.

The child's family, assisted by the association, must follow the procedures to obtain a visa for their child. A volunteer from "Aviation Sans Frontières" takes care of the child during his trip to Luxembourg, where he is welcomed by his host family. The child enters the hospital to be operated by the doctors of the Chaîne de l’Espoir Luxembourg.

All this is possible thanks to the members and donors who support us financially and thanks to the many volunteers willing to help our association.

Picture: Dr. Luc Schroeder & Emmanuella, Democratic Republic of Congo

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