We grant the BIGGEST wish of children with a life critical illness

door Kanner Wonsch Luxembourg SC
Kanner Wonsch Luxembourg SC
Kanner Wonsch Luxembourg SC
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Disclaimer: Sorry, deze campagne is enkel beschikbaar in het Frans en Engels.


At Kanner Wonsch Luxembourg, we make severely ill children smile again by granting their BIGGEST wish. Helping them to forget and fight their life critical illness.

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Children have the opportunity to escape and to forget the difficult reality they are confronted with (medical treatment, pain, uncertainty). They remember what it feels like to be children again.



Your donation will allow us to grant the wishes of 3 lovely girls, NINA, and GIULIA who are both suffering from Leukemia. NINA is 17 years old and she’s passionate about the fashion industry. GIULIA is 16 years old and has an eye for photography.

Additionally, there is MARIE, a very creative 5 years old girl diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was only one year old. She really loves to paint. For each one of them, we plan to create an experience that goes beyond their wildest dreams.

NINA, 17 years old, Leukemia, I wish to go to a Fashion Show

NINA’s wish: We are trying to get her a two-week internship with one of the world's leading fashion magazines, and a makeover to attend a show during the next Paris Fashion Week.

 GIULIA, 16 years old, Leukemia, I wish to become a professional photographer

GIULIA’s wish: We will offer her a professional camera, a photography course with a professional photographer, and we’ll organize an exhibition where her photos will be sold. Proceeds will go to the Fondation Autism, inspired by Giulia's brother.

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