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Why & how are robots able to help children with autism ?

Today 1 child out of 59 suffers from autism. To parents of children with autism, it seem as if their children are disconnected from the outside world. 

For the therapists it is a big challenge to enter the world of children but also to help them step out. In order to succeed in the future, it's important the children learn fundamental skills like talking and interacting with other people.

However, children with autism suffer from learning difficulties, mainly because they get overwhelmed by interacting with people. That's why professionals require more engaging tools to increase the children's concentration. On top of that they need to make the content as simple as possible to make the excercices easy to understand.

Decades of studies shows that children with autism have high interest in technology. The reason why especially robots attract their attention is because of their rule-based, predictable and consistent nature

Since January 2018 we’ve been testing our QTrobot in field experiments at the Instute for Autistic and Psychotic Children (IEAP). Therapists found our solution a very efficient tool to assist them during therapy. It helped them attract the attention of the children, while the children were able to improve their communicational and social skills.

QTrobot is a scientifically and empirically validated solution for assisting autism professionals during the interaction with children.

Research conducted in the university of Luxembourg shows that QTrobot

  • attracts the attention of children better than a person
  • reduces the repetitive and stereotypical behaviors of children.


Rapport université luxembourg (PDF)

How does QTrobot help children and their educators?

QTrobot talks with children, present visual cues and facial expressions. It also plays educational games and tells stories.

Through this fun and engaging approach, QTrobot uses the concentration of children to teach social, communicational, emotional and daily life skills that children with autism require, in order to be more socially interactive and independent.

During the whole session, the human therapist is the one who defines the responses of the robot by using an easy to use android application. The most important aspect of using a robot is to create a triangle fo interaction including the child, the human therapist and the robot.

The interaction of these three parties have been shown very effective, not only on the improvement of learning opportunities for children, but also on enhancing the communication between the human therapists and the children, which is the 1st step toward generalizing skills to human-human interaction.

The robots play the role of the mediator and facilitates the way that therapists convey their message to children with autism.

Case-study_CTSA (PDF)

How are we going to implement & use QTrobot in the center ?

At the end of the campaign LuxAI will offer the QTrobot to the "Amicale of IEAP". The robot will be put at the disposal of the therapists who work with the children with autism in Luxembourg on a daily basis.

LuxAI will ensure the effective implementation of the robot by organizing a workshop to address all the technical questions of the therapists and offers 2 years of premium warranty and full software updates, as their contribution to the Gingo campaign.

Also, after 6 months of implementation LuxAI and the center will publish a report on the effect of the robot on the educational sessions and include the number of children who has benefited from using the QTrobot.

The impact of your participation

For our future and for the future of our next generation, we cannot afford to exclude 1 child out of 59. We need to make sure that children with autism are able to reach their maximum potential and are included in our society to the best of our possibilities.

Support our project and offer a QTRobot to 20 children with autism to help them jump out of their bubble !


Join us !


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